MeisterTask is an incredibly intuitive task management and collaboration tool that runs inside any standard web browser and on your mobile devices.

MeisterTask visualizes your projects in the form of boards that let everyone in your team see all tasks and activities at a glance. The boards are completely customizable and thus perfectly adapt to your team's needs. You decide whether MeisterTask functions as a simple to-do list manager, a light-weight Kanban tool, a sprint planner for agile software projects or a mix of all of these things.

Tasks hold all the information you need to successfully complete them - links, files, checklists, due dates, tags and even their relationship with other tasks.

With MeisterTask, your team collaborates and communicates in real-time. Any changes you make in a project are instantly visible for all team members and across all devices. Instead of tedious long email threads, any comment, question or feedback related to a task is saved easily traceable through the task’s activity stream.

Take a look for yourself:

Feather Information is a certified expert and a reseller partner of Meister.

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