ISO/IEC 9126 — Software product Quality Requirements and Evaluation

We are constantly monitoring various software tools and perform analytics according the ISO/IEC 9126-2 standard in order to make them comparable.

Measurable facts are the best to compare solutions. For our analytics we are also reviewing things like the usability (user-friendliness) and the portability (i.e.: usable on different devices without reductions of the functionality).

Not everything that glitters is gold

Wikipedia iconThe fundamental objective of the ISO/IEC 9126 standard is to address some of the well known human biases that can adversely affect the delivery and perception of a software development project. These biases include changing priorities after the start of a project or not having any clear definitions of “success”.

By clarifying, then agreeing on the project priorities and subsequently converting abstract priorities (compliance) to measurable values (output data can be validated against schema X with zero intervention), ISO/IEC 9126 tries to develop a common understanding of the project’s objectives and goals.

The main goal is to define the software tools which are supporting your processes in the best manner:

We assist you in your personal task management

We provide you with insights about tools for your team management

We back you up in your choice of software for your project management

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