Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing means that your data is stored on someone else’s server. The opposite of that is having your own data storage. In both situations, your business needs do not change. The main advantage of the cloud is that you don’t need to bother about the availability, the hardware upgrades and the maintenance.
We are reviewing and testing regularly different cloud file storage solutions. Our recommendations for you are based on real-world experiences: approved by our daily use.

Example: File storage

A good, reliable and secure cloud file storage with excellent sharing options is essential for any size of a company.

Task Management and Collaboration

The main feature a good Task Management should have is that it motivates you to work with it. As it is one of the essential parts of every project management, the requirements stay the same as for all cloud applications. This includes besides the simplicity and usability also the graphical user interface.

There are plenty of solutions existing, from a very compact Trello to an extensive Jira. Because the handling of tasks is a very central part of your workday, it is important to choose the right one.

From a one-man company to the enterprise with different sections, we can help you to find the correct tool for your needs.

Knowledge Management (the company Wikipedia)

It is not so much important where the information is stored in your company, most important is that you will find exactly the needed information you need right now!

We give you the power over your information so you can profit from the power of information.

Something of the highest values in your enterprise is knowledge. If you are somebody who also likes to look quickly for any information in Wikipedia, you will appreciate the same source of data for yourself.

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