Dimitri Rupp, Founder

I am passionate about knowledge management and collaboration. It is my primary desire to use excellent tools in such a way that all the needed and important information are not only available but also easy to find and accessible on all devices at any moment and any place.

These are the values I am believing in: 


The freedom to choose as well as the freedom not to choose.

Big companies do have the resources for an extensive marketing on all possible channels to convince you that their product is the only right choice. I don’t believe in large enterprises and I also don’t believe in marketing. 

People choose a product because of its usability combined with a pleasant and intuitive design.


Latest since Steve Jobs we know that one man alone really can change the world.

So, if one man alone can change the world, imagine what is possible when many people with the same mindset are working together!

The pressure of cold statistics applied to a human stifles all his creativity. And without creativity you can not find great solutions nor create great products.


I strongly believe in the power of and over knowledge. This is true for the correct knowledge as it is for the false.

Your knowledge is one of the biggest and most valuable asset that you have.

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